No job is small when it comes to doing it right

It's one exciting thing working with a client but it's an even more fulfilling experience when you work with a client who is knowledgeable and has great taste (she covered her foyer in David Hicks's hexagon wallpaper- that is how tasteful she is!).  When I sold the Potalla fabric here at my blog I had no idea I was going to end up working the fabric into its final state.  In this case my client wanted to make seat covers for her existing chairs and I think they look gorgeous, young and modern.   We also made the window treatments for the living room and the nursery room.  My seamstress, who has been my friend for more than 10 years is a perfectionist and her work is immaculate.  As you can see below, two separate windows in the living room where the panels are so well detailed and calculated that every geometric pattern of the Victoria Hagan fabric is aligned.
Gorgeous  panels with inserted pleating below.  The photo came out yellowish but the fabric is actually beige with thin black stripes. Very preppy and neutral. 
I love seeing the final result of a fabric or furniture I sold.
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