Where is my receipt and The New Traditionalists

Yesterday I paid a visit to The New Traditionalists ( which I have baptized as "Preppy in a adulthood kind of furniture") in Soho, more about it later.  Afterwards I  went to have a bite to eat at Vive le Crepe  and while waiting for my food I realized I didn't get a receipt and thought, ummm, I need a receipt... and asked the lady at the register for my receipt.  Hey, it's my receipt, isn't it?  The three workers behind the counter looked bewildered and reacted as if I were a very cheap Martian.  I even felt embarrassed about it.  How dare I ask for something that until recently was given to me everywhere without me having to answer to "Do you want your receipt?"  and me thinking of responding...”well... I don't see why not.”  Really!  But, I got my composure back and thought: "I just paid $14 for a crepe and a small cappuccino without leaving the country or without going to Sant Ambroeus, so the least you can do is not take it personally because after all it's my receipt and it belongs in my wallet.  Why is no one giving receipts now a days?
On the other hand and on a more stylish note I was finally able to visit The New Traditionalists showroom to which I had been invited a couple of times before and wasn't able to visit.  I was familiar with their elegant furniture, having seen them at furniture fares but going to their showroom and seeing them more closely and getting to know a little bit more about their construction made me like them even more.  Their hand rubbed wood finishes are exquisite and the fabrics are of great quality.  It kind of reminds me of the honest construction of the Art and Craft movement.  The people there are very friendly and  by the way, their marketing strategy rocks my world.  I mean seriously, it's amazing! I have never received a newsletter from any other company that includes a recipe for a cocktail.  One of the nicest newsletters that stayed with me read:  "Come and visit us and then go and have lunch at Balthazar"  how chic is that?  Check out their website to see what I'm talking about..
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