A couple in The City of Lights

I remember the first time I visited Paris it happened to be around my birthday which I got to celebrate on the Eiffel Tower.  Yes, I know, very turistique but it was my first time in Paris in my defense and we were a small group of girlfriends just mezmerized by the beauty of that City.  I remember how every corner I would stand I would say to myself, perplexed..." This City is like a post card, everywhere I see it's just perfect"  How could that be?  I haven't yet experienced Paris in a romantic way but I don't really think there is a need to physically go there with a partner to inhale the romance.  I think that is everywhere you go in The City of Lights, be that with special company or not.  How about you? How special was your first time in Paris?
All images by Ben Watts photography.
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