Our Bath remodel process and how I"m keeping it clean

Sorry for these unattractive images after that gorgeous image of the Orangery.  But a promise is a promise and this is how our master bathroom is looking so far.  Our part of the job started on Sunday.  We covered the entire bedroom in clear plastic from floor to ceiling.  Literally there is not one small opening between tape and wall or floor.  That continued on to the hallway outside the bedroom and all throughout the stairs.  We decided to use our own blankets (One Tuff) because usually the ones the workers bring with them are full of dust that eventually spread around the house and the air.  That's why the stairs and hallways are vacuumed every afternoon after the workers are gone.  I know this is a pain but it's incredible how much this prevents the dust from going into the other rooms which are closed at all times.  We never bring our shoes inside the house; we usually walk around in socks.  Something I took after my hubby who is originally from Turkey, so, we've been using one pair of socks to walk up and down the stairs and a different one to go inside the rooms and in the living areas.  It may cost a few hundred dollars extra in blankets but it's completely worth it because it's going to save you from extra work once you take them off. This is how it went this week. On Monday they started ripping off the wall and floor tiles.  Tuesday, nothing happened because the plumber had an emergency and we had to wait until Wednesday for him to take out the ridiculously tiny-tiny "bath tub" I mean really...?
 By Thursday night the shower floor was built, the faucets were reconfigured a little bit and part of the concrete boards were up.  Friday, they're plastering and finishing covering the walls with boards. 
I'm excited, next week comes the nicer part.  The decision of how the tiles are going to be installed (horizontally, vertically?) Next week I'll show you the kind of tiles I decided to go with and I'll show you more pictures of the process.  I hope you're enjoying this long weekend!
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