Modern Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper have come a long way since its retro time.  Long gone are the days when they were covering your grandmas' living room in a mate-less refined finishes.  They continue to have the same organic elements in them such as made out of plant fiber typically dried out under the sun but they are all glam’d up now.  The modern versions of grasscloth wallpapers can now cover the walls of urban apartments and feel at home.  Phillip Jeffries has a great selection of those new shimmery wallpapers, some of them with beads that embellish them further.  Schumacher also has gorgeous ones that are also embroidered in scenery design.  Crezana Design's Grasscloth Wallpapers are like a fantasy land from the most glamorous shimmery surfaces to embroidery ikat pattern ones that make me do victory dances every time I look at them.  Simply beautiful.  How not to love those designs.  Grasscloth wallpaper come in different texture and material such as raffia, seagrass, refine sisal, woven jute and paper weaves.

All images from Crezana Design. 
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