Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House

Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House along with LX TV Open House have paired 10 "designers to watch" with leading modern brands to create 2 wonderful apartments on the West Side overlooking High Line Park.  The Modern Life Concept House marries Elle Decor's vision that old and new, minimal and maximal can co-exist, and do it beautifully.  Proceeds benefit Housing Works, a non profit helping people living with HIV/Aids

These are some of the highlights~

Apt. I

Carrier & Company/Room & Board  With a fresh palette and a few modernist pieces, this multi-purpose  area offers a sleek, comfortable living/dining space

Oliver M. Furth/USM Modular married a strong design and decorative arts aesthetic in a moody home office that is visually stimulating and somewhat jarring.

Marie Turner/LEMA captivated me with this neutral, heavily textured bedroom.  It is elegantly appointed.  I love how the bed was placed under the window and framed by drapes.  Hides and lacquer seemed to be recurring themes.

Apt. II

Beth Martin/Calligaris created the kind of space I always feel at home in:  a comfortable, organic melange of mid-century meets texture.

I loved the partition that was created between the two rooms.  In the living room it was mirrored and in the kitchen it was felted.  No doubt so it could become a rotating art wall.  Very clever!

Grant K. Gibson/Bosch who believes that the people inhabiting a home should be reflected by it, gave his "inhabitants" a sense of humor when he covered the backsplash in Chinese take out menus.

My absolute favorite space was Sara Story's/The New Traditionalists.  I have been a fan of Sara's work for some time.  She must have started VERY young.  Her rooms are always elegant and full of surprises.  Growing up abroad and her love of travel are always evident in her work.

 The door to enter had an elaborately painted peacock.  The extensive painting and Venetian plaster shone like glass.  It was breathtaking.  It was like an Asian dream that did not scream for attention it just subtly commanded it.  The choice of fabric, rich detail and furniture was sublime.

There were other lovely spaces including the outdoor rooms that were special too, but the weather was miserable and I didn't get to it.  However, I want you to see it for yourselves.   The Concept House is open thru June 5th, but only on the weekends, so there's not much time.  For more information or tickets, click here

Photos: CLI, Casa Sugar, Attic Mag, Elle Decor
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